Gun Grabbers' Latest Gambit

As drafted, Maloney's baloney only applies to post-passage purchases. As such, the de facto registration requirement and the cost of the insurance itself -- an Illinois legislator estimated that such a policy would cost between $500 to $2,000 per year -- will significantly deter new purchases, which is of course what the bill's sponsors want. It's likely that the volume of legally recorded purchases will decline significantly. Many citizens who legitimately need to protect themselves, either because of personal circumstances, the crime-infested neighborhoods in which they live, or both, won't be able to arm themselves. Criminals will know that, and target their activities accordingly.

Anyone who believes that the bill's sponsors and Democrats in Congress want to permanently limit the liability insurance requirement to new purchases hasn't been paying attention for several decades. Especially if they get their way on Maloney's measure, the liability mandate will come to be seen as a normal standard of care for all gun owners, and the pressure to apply it universally will grow. Already, a bill introduced but defeated in Illinois would have required all who carry concealed weapons to have insurance, while a proposal that didn't make it into Connecticut's recently passed draconian gun control law would have forced every firearm owner to have it.

My insurance company contact told me that for now they are prohibited by law from providing any detailed information they have about guns covered in property policies unless it is appropriately requested by law enforcement. That will surely change once the databases become sufficiently large. Gun-grabbers disguised as concerned neighbors will demand to know who owns guns in their neighborhood, and what guns they have. Politicians supposedly interested in crime prevention will also demand to go fishing to "clean up" high-crime neighborhoods. This will of course have the opposite effect, but they won't care.

The next step is confiscation, a stated goal of more than a few leftist politicians, up to and including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

All of these measures violate the Second Amendment and law-abiding citizens' natural law right to defend themselves, their families, and their property. They also prove that, at least for the left, the Second Amendment to the Constitution means nothing. They -- the unconstitutional laws and the radicals pushing them -- must be stopped.

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