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Gun Control Advocate Traver to Head ATF

Unsurprisingly, the proposals  that came from the summit's report are rehashed gun control talking points focused on shredding the personal liberties of law-abiding Americans. They have very little to do with actually reducing gun violence. All of the proposals are controversial and potentially deadly. Proposals to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment have been blasted by police organizations because repealing the law would put the lives of undercover officers and police informants at risk.

Battle lines are clearly drawn regarding the Traver nomination.

The anti-gun Brady Center is strongly behind the nomination, stating: "If Mr. Traver is confirmed, we are hopeful that he will be a strong voice for the strengthening and effective enforcement of our gun laws."

The National Rifle Association and other Second Amendment groups are predictably opposed to the Traver nomination, with the NRA going so far as to warn President Obama to withdraw the nomination.

But the most damning charges against Traver don't come from outside groups, but from ATF watchdog message boards (again documented at Only Guns and Money). At CleanUpATF.org, Traver has been heavily criticized by ATF agents most familiar with his work. They cite his inexperience and, most damningly, his alleged lack of professionalism.

Andrew Traver promises to bring inexperience, arrogance, bad judgment, radical politics, and the "Chicago way" to Washington, D.C. The ATF has been an object of widespread scorn and derision since the incompetence displayed at Ruby Ridge and the disaster at Waco, in which a botched ATF investigation, raid, and siege led to the deaths of 80 Branch Davidians (including 25 children) in their Mount Carmel compound. ATF's reputation for bizarre and sometimes absurd rulings since then has continued to tarnish the agency's image.

With Traver at the helm, the beleaguered agency's reputation can only get worse.