Grubergate 2015: Subpoena Bringing Obamacare Adviser Back to Seek 'Whole Truth'

While the Democrats’ strategy might be a secret, the GOP game plan certainly is not.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said on Fox that he expects the Oversight Committee to focus on allegations of fraud and/or perjury.

“If you recall from the hearing, [Gruber] really did not want to give us what he considered to be his work product because he wants to minimize his role in the drafting of the ACA now,” said Gowdy.

“But my guess is if you go back to the videos, he was very proud of being the architect. And he may have testified to some things differently before us that would be contained in some of those documents. So we are going to go back and get those documents,” Gowdy added.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) will replace Issa as the chairman of the Oversight Committee in 2015.

His office also failed to answer a PJ Media request for an interview. He has not said what his strategy might be when Congress returns to work in January.

However, if Chaffetz’s performance during the first Gruber hearing is any indication, he won’t go easy on Gruber.

Chaffetz took part in the GOP shellacking of Gruber during his December appearance, bringing up Gruber’s work with the Congressional Budget Office at the same time he was working to promote Obamacare.

And it was Chaffetz who led the chorus demanding Gruber show them the money.

“What are you hiding?” Chaffetz asked. “Why won’t you give that to us?”

Chaffetz will get a chance to ask again in 2015.