Green Energy Firm Teams With Huffington Post, Runs PR Intended To Keep Its Profitless Work Subsidized By You

The fourth “myth”: “We’d have to abandon every ‘dirty energy’ source right now to make a dent.

NRG counters this with: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” They also cite so-called “carbon capture and storage” as an example of a promising technology. The reality is, however, that even if we captured all the carbon dioxide emitted by the U.S. for the rest of this century and somehow stored it underground --  at a cost of umpteen trillions of dollars -- the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide would only change by a meaningless few percent.

NRG’s final “myth”: “Scientists think we are all screwed.

NRG’s answer here is a non sequitur: “Wind and solar power are becoming more popular and more affordable.” So please keep those subsidies coming!

CEO Crane has cheered the Pope’s climate encyclical as a “spiritual awakening.” More practically, he has invested at least $1 million in the Clinton Foundation. Keeping hope alive among Huffington Post-reading greens is just another part of NRG’s equation of profitability via rent-seeking.