Governors' Revolt Continues: No Syrian Refugees

Meanwhile, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes tried to address some of the real concerns, asserting that American officials had “very extensive screening procedures” that they would employ among the refugees. Former NATO supreme commander James Stavridis added his own claim that U.S. officials would be able to vet the refugees “safely and appropriately,” and declared:

We should continue to take a substantial number of Syrian refugees because it is the right thing to do for the international community and because over time they will prove to be citizens of real capability and true grit, like many who immigrated before them in troubled times. The key is serious vetting using all the tools at our disposal.

How he knew that the refugees would “prove to be citizens of real capability and true grit,” he didn’t say.

At the same time, there were discordant voices. FBI Director James Comey doubted that the refugees could be easily vetted: “If we have no information on someone, they’ve never crossed our radar screen ... it will be challenging,” he said -- and most jihadis from Syria have not crossed the U.S. radar screen, as the U.S. fought for ten years in Iraq, not Syria.

Even worse, the Obama administration has already shown itself incapable of distinguishing “moderates” from “extremists.” Michael Flynn, the former director of the  Defense Intelligence Agency, recently confirmed that while Obama was claiming to be supporting “vetted moderates” in Syria, the administration was actually supporting al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, and directly enabling the rise of the Islamic State. The administration also spent $500 million to find and train “moderates” in Syria, and could only come up with fifty trainees -- all of whom immediately disappeared after being let loose in Syria.

Obama can’t vet the refugees, and they shouldn’t be allowed into the United States. The governors of the states that have already revolted are right; we can only hope that the other governors will soon join them.