Governments Rot When Their Citizens Let Them (Part II)

(Read part one here.)


"Single issue" voters often lose sight of the bigger issues that embrace their often reasonable but always smaller ones. This makes it very difficult to get the country back to basics and deal adequately with their issues as well as the others. It also makes it very difficult to work effectively against President Obama's 2012 reelection -- even though what is suggested here might otherwise be his destiny:

In order to save the world from devastating global warming and climate change — and, indeed, all fatal consequences of capitalism — the restless progressives in the world are uniting. Obama is well prepared to position himself as their prophet — or messiah.

His conservative critics dramatically underestimate him. Obama knows precisely what kind of America he envisions. He wants to mold a certain type of America in order to mold a certain type of global governance. For that, he needs another term to reach his goal.

"Birthers." Whether President Obama is constitutionally qualified under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution as a "natural born Citizen" of the United States -- implicating several interrelated questions apparently involving passports, college scholarships, etc. -- is oft asked. To a great extent, these questions are based on a palpable lack of trust.  The MSM response? "Are you serious? Chuckle Chuckle. Are you Serious?" This, of course, has simply encouraged those who doubt President Obama's provenance to become even more serious. The MSM itself is no object of trust. Maybe some who pursue the issues aren't serious, and maybe some who are should lighten up. There are other problems with President Obama and, while not constitutionally based, they are arguably no less important: incompetence and disdain for the United States -- for its culture and history, for example -- are not constitutionally disqualifying attributes.

The issue of President Obama's constitutional qualifications has probably been answered for many, even if the larger questions remain for others. The release of a "long form" birth certificate on April 27 is not likely to silence them -- or restore their trust. Some question the document because it shows the father's "race" as "African," not a traditional racial classification in 1961, or because of alleged Photoshopping of the document. Silly? Maybe. A statement from Hawaii Governor Abercrombie's office is here.

Why did President Obama wait so long to release the birth certificate? Will it hurt or help Donald Trump?