Government Motors (GM) Unveils its First Model!

The expected price of the B-ROC will be $100,000. Though the materials' cost is estimated at $5,000, the government will still be selling it at a loss due to labor costs from the new union contract the Democrat-controlled Congress just negotiated. Government aid will be offered to those unable to afford the price but able to show a need for faster-than-human-powered transport.

Unfortunately, the revolutionary B-ROC has already become the subject of negative rumors. Some are claiming the B-ROC is secretly Muslim, but this is untrue; it merely includes both an indicator of which side the gas tank is on and which way is Mecca as a bow to cultural sensitivity. Some have also labeled the B-ROC a "death trap," but that is grossly unfair. While it is true that nearly all collisions with traditional automobiles will most likely prove fatal to the passengers of the B-ROC, collisions between B-ROCs will be highly survivable, and eventually those will be the only vehicles legal to drive on this nation's highways. Estimates for B-ROC-related fatalities during this transitional period are as low as 100,000 (plus an additional 10,000 suicides from those who are unable to properly adjust to driving a B-ROC). So don't listen to the doubters; the B-ROC is the vehicle all responsible citizens have been waiting for.

The B-ROC: It's from the government, and it's here to get you places!