Gore Hits the Waves with a Massive New Houseboat

"This boat is going to be the Toyota Prius of the houseboat business," Austin proclaims. "It is the most eco-friendly houseboat anywhere in the country and is going to revolutionize the houseboat industry. People are increasingly worried about high gas prices and this is the answer." Austin claims that the "Bio-Solar One" will create 40-50% less carbon emission and use half the fuel of other similar houseboats. "Gore will consume a lot more fuel driving to and from the lake than he will ever use cruising on this houseboat," Austin asserts.

The solar panels have not yet been installed but are expected to arrive from Reno, Nevada "any day" and will be in working order "soon," says Austin.

When the solar panels are installed the Gore boat could power itself and "most of the dock" according to Austin. In the meantime, however, Gore is plugged into the dock as his primary power source.



Austin says he has several other potential customers interested in following Gore's lead. Austin professes reluctance to talk about "other folks business" but notes that a houseboat similar to Gore's will cost between $500,000 to a million dollars. Austin believes that Gore's "Bio-Solar One" will set the stage for a lot of sales. Land, air and now the sea. Will space will be the final frontier?

Let's not forget: Gore made similar claims about the environmental benefits of the solar panels and other "green" additions he made to his 10,000 square foot home in Belle Meade, a cushy neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee. The environmental savings promised from his "investments" failed to produce the results that he touted. In fact, his "energy efficient" renovations to his home actually INCREASED his electrical consumption by 10% rather than producing the promised reductions. Ultimately, Gore's water-based excursions on his giant houseboat may prove more environmentally friendly than his fleet of limos, his private jets or his mansion. Perhaps the B.S. One will never live up to its nickname, but the jet ski on the boat is clearly powered by something other than solar or bio-diesel.


Maybe Al is buying carbon credits from himself to offset that particular energy usage.