GOP Prepares the Post-Christmas 'Trump Roast'

The time has come to point out once and for all that the emperor in Trump Tower has no clothes.

First of all, what sort of “debate” structure might we expect from this off brand circus geek tent? In an absolutely indispensable fisking of the affair, Ed Morrissey notes that the organizing dignitaries include none other than Eason Jordan. If you are the sort of person who spends their time reading an essay such as this, you already know who Mr. Jordan is without my dredging up the whole unpleasant history yet again.

Even though some candidates are already refusing to participate -- with the possible exception of Newt -- and strategists such as Karl Rove are calling on the party to discourage the rest from attending, even that may not be enough to keep this selection of camera hogs away from the media trough on Dec. 27. Should they need any other data to help tip the scales, allow me to offer one additional piece of evidence. Even as Mr. Trump is sending out gold plated invitations and making preparations to hold the debate, he is giving interviews to the Wall Street Journal, stating in no uncertain terms that he is still considering a third party run next year. (A move which, should anyone actually be foolish enough to vote for him, would only detract from the eventual Republican nominee’s chances.) In nearly the same breath he alludes to his intentions to endorse one of the current candidates. And this is what we seek in an impartial moderator of a debate to help determine the next leader of the free world? Are we actually taking this man seriously now?

Trump’s time on the political stage is far past the point where the giant hook should have come out to remove him before rotting fruit begins flying. He makes a mockery of the process and could potentially provide a shove to affairs in a self destructive direction. I assure you that none of us will be laughing if the GOP manages to lose a critical election which should, by all rights, be as close to a cake walk as we’re likely to see for some time to come. You’ve had your latest moment on the stage, Donald. Now it’s time to scurry back to your television studios and casinos before you ruin Christmas for all of the conservative Whos down in Whoville once and for all.