GOP Bill Would Ban Funding for Webcam Abortions

An Iowa Republican has introduced a bill to block federal funding for "telemedicine" abortions, or cases where drugs such as RU-486 are dispensed not after a face-to-face between patient and doctor but a webcam conference.

Rep. Steve King introduced the bill Thursday with 47 GOP co-sponsors. It says "no funds made available under a telemedicine law may be used for telemedicine abortions or for assistance to facilities that offer telemedicine abortions."

"Planned Parenthood's ulterior motives must be made known," said King. "Their aggressive promotion of the gruesome practice of abortion by video conference is expanding the destructive 'abortion on demand' culture in America- all in the name of increased profits. Telemed abortions, without the overhead costs of a surgical abortion, allow Planned Parenthood to make even more money while preying on young women and violating FDA regulations."

The bill has been referred to four committees: Judiciary, Agriculture, Energy and Commerce, and Natural Resources.

Various state legislators have also tried to block telemedicine abortions, such as in Nebraska and Indiana.

"This new practice leaves those women at grave risk, and should never be supported with taxpayer dollars," King said. "Telemed abortions threaten and endanger women and we should not allow Planned Parenthood to maximize their profits. We cannot let this practice continue."