GOP, Big Business Bolt from Rep. Bentivolio, Run to Trott

Bentivolio has been on the far right of the Republican House caucus. Speaking on the floor of the House, he said “extreme liberal Democrats” who reminded him of “spoiled children having a tantrum” caused the October 2013 government shutdown and told supporters in August 2013 the impeachment of President Obama “would be a dream come true.”

Big Business plotting against the Tea Party in Michigan and bolting from Bentivolio could be seen in late 2013. Although he was not talking about the incumbent congressman specifically, Sandy Baruah, the president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, said the Tea Party had left the business community without a political party to talk to in Washington.

“It used to be that you could talk to the Richard Lugars and the Bob Packwoods. Now there’s only a handful of people that you can talk to.”

“This new brand of tea party Republican is not, for the most part, someone who represents the average business owner or the average business executive who is trying to do things like improve the country’s infrastructure, who is concerned about higher education and education in general, who is looking for a rational immigration system, but still is looking for sane spending controls and his concerned about our national debt,” Baruah said. “There is not a party anymore that fills those buckets.”

Bentivolio, who not only plays Santa but raises his own reindeer and has been called “mentally unbalanced” by his brother, was upsetting even his Tea Party supporters in late 2013.

Nick Kennedy, who owns a janitorial contracting company and is a self-declared Tea Party supporter, shared a stage with Bentivolio in 2012 and was one of his original supporters. But by October 2013 Kennedy had changed his mind.

Kennedy is backing Trott in the 2014 midterm election because “he is a product of the private sector like myself. When you talk to him you realize that he ‘gets’ it.”

“Bentivolio is weak,” Kennedy said. “He is wanting to be liked and I believe he has joined the establishment. All he talks about is smoking cigars with (John) Boehner.”

And Kennedy is no fan of the speaker of the House. “The fish rots from the head down,” he said.