Global Warming Is Causing What Now?

Last winter rewrote the record books in the South and mid-Atlantic states, all of the records being for cold and snow.

During the first two weeks of 2010, a record long and deep cold wave invaded Florida -- the longest and coldest penetration of Arctic air into Florida since 1940. West Palm Beach had an average low of 39 degrees.

In February, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia were buried under record amounts of snow. The federal government was paralyzed for days under 50 inches of snowfall in just a week.

Another storm closed schools and highways in Dallas, where a foot of snow in 24 hours set the local record.

Al Gore told us to expect the end of winter, yet to the amazement -- and amusement -- of many, some warmists explained that last winter’s record cold and snowfall was due to global warming! Apparently extremes of weather are a sure sign that global warming is dramatically mixing things up -- and it's even worse than we thought!

Record cold, record heat, drought, floods, everything that happens is consistent with man-made global warming theory. What a theory! All my life I believed that warmer made snow melt and colder made water freeze. I dressed accordingly.

As with all global warming disaster proclamations, these pronouncements are simply pronouncements, and that global warming could produce any kind of weather at all is a relatively new one. Only a few years ago alarmists were claiming a future of more heat waves, droughts, melting ice caps and glaciers. But the global temperature stopped rising after 1998, winters got colder and snowier, and the alarmists had to restructure their doomsday theory. The new spin -- everything will happen! everything! -- can't possibly be wrong, and record cold is the result of warmer temperatures now, as the new theory predicts.

Reality, not theory, shows that there has been no increase in the variability of weather.

By far the highest levels of extreme warmth in recent history occurred in the 1930s, when more record high temperatures were recorded then at any time in the previous 130 years. The 1960s and 1980s saw the most record lows.

And the most recent decade, the 2000s? The lowest number of record high and record low temperatures since the 1880s! The 2000s were remarkable only in how unremarkable they were!