'Global Warming, Darling': Stewart, Romo, More Tell PJM Their 2016 Thoughts

WASHINGTON -- Entrepreneur Martha Stewart endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president while other celebrities indicated they have not decided whom to support.

“I like Hillary and I’ve been waiting for her -- so we all have, I think,” Stewart said in a video interview on the red carpet of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

She then gave a series of “yes” answers to questions about her support for Clinton.

Stewart also said she wants to meet with President Obama to discuss environmental and education issues.

“Global warming, darling. Look at what’s happening -- so anyway, I’m serious. I would like to meet with the president,” she said, when asked what environmental issue concerns her the most.

Stewart told PJ Media she has never met with Obama.

“President Obama, it’s overdue. I can’t understand it,” she said.

Other celebrities were hesitant to express support for Clinton or any other candidate.

“I’m going to support who I feel is best for our country and best for what our interests are. I don’t know who that is,” said Anthony Anderson from the hit ABC sitcom Black-ish.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said he is studying the candidates in the Republican field before making any endorsements.  Romo was asked what he planned to discuss with politicians at the dinner.

“I’m excited about the upcoming election in 2016. I’ll have some good questions for them. I’ve gotten to know Scott Walker a little bit. I’ll see. He’s from my area back in Wisconsin so there’s a few people I’ll be asking about,” Romo said.

He declined to comment on supporting Walker. “The process is just getting started. They’re getting ready for everything that’s coming up next and trying to figure out who is going to be the Republican,” Romo said with his wife, Candice, next to him. “Basically the whole process has to take shape and we will figure out who we are going to be supporting.”

Romo declined to say what issue is the most important to him.

“Too personal so far. We’ll see as we get closer, but good question,” he said.