Global Warming as Climastrology

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told scientists in March, as transcribed by Environmental Research Letters:

I need your assistance to push this process (JL -- the fraudocrat climate treaty) in the right direction, and in that respect, I need fixed targets and certain figures, and not too many considerations on uncertainty and risk and things like that.

Translation: To all you science frauds. Don’t give me facts. I need politically correct answers.

And British PM Gordon Brown, not the swiftest kid on the block, attacked “anti-science, flat-earth climate skeptics.” That’s because poor Gordon is still hoping to become president of the EU some day, and the EU, the most corrupt political organization after the UN, is planning to launch thousands and thousands of new careers with those ten trillion dollars. Meanwhile French President Sarkozy’s plan to start squeezing taxes our of the climate fraud was defeated on judicial appeal in France. The Australians have caught on to the global scam and are in an uproar. In New Zealand they made the mistake of actually releasing their raw temperature records, and within days the blogosphere had nailed the fraud. This wasn’t complicated. It was the audacity of dopes. They just padded the numbers with elementary arithmetic.

Well, we caught ‘em with their pants around their ankles -- and when I say “we,” I mean the non-suckers of the world. There are some real heroes who deserve a Presidential Medal of Freedom just as soon as the Chicago gang gets out of the White House.  Meanwhile the biggest Bernie Madoff wannabes are facing exposure and running off as fast as they can, lying all the way.

The biggest news for scientists: Science magazine has dropped any mention of “global warming” or “climate change” in its latest issue. This is after eight years of Donald Kennedy, the most sold-out warmist editor in chief of the magazine. Science mag is supposed to be what its name says, not just some union rag to swing big loot for the science lobby. Kennedy was forced to resign as president of Stanford University after a grant fraud scandal, where Kennedy was actually called to testify before a House committee and publicly accused of fraud.

So Science mag naturally appointed Kennedy instantly to become its editor in chief. Science mag is the flagship journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. AAAS will now be known as AAC$ -- the American Association for the Corruption of Science -- because this was no accident. Donald Kennedy was made the most powerful editor in U.S. science and his biggest selling point was the fact that Kennedy had doubled Stanford’s endowment, mostly by squeezing money out of the feds, from 1 billion to 2 billion Golden Zlotnicks.

There are still honest scientists, like Richard S. Lindzen of MIT and Freeman Dyson of Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study. Dyson and Lindzen agree on one major point: it’s the big money that has corrupted big science. Lindzen points out that the federal budget for climate modeling has skyrocketed during a decade of increasingly frantic fraud -- from a few hundred million dollars to 1.2 billion dollars. All the fraudocrats in Copenhagen were specifically there to launch that ten trillion dollar heist. The United Nations, the EU, and the Obama administration were the biggest dope pushers in Copenhagen. It was China, Russia, and India that kicked at the fraud because they didn’t want their economic development to be ball-and-chained. China has seen the results of socialism gone mad -- that was Mao Zedong and more than forty million dead. Russia has seen Lenin and Stalin with tens of millions more dead or sent to suffer in Siberia. It’s only Obama who can still live in the fantasy that the left is the wave of the future. Even Obama’s close friends at the Chicago Carbon Exchange are getting just a little bit worried.

Lord Monckton has called for criminal prosecutions, and he’s right. Without prosecution and jail terms these fraudsters eventually come back. The fraud hasn’t been exposed to the general public; the media are still hoping that billions of suckers will never find out. Until that happens the way it did with Madoff and with Watergate, this smoldering scam can still come alive. Don’t think they aren’t still hoping to make a comeback.

It’s all a twist on the classic Willie Sutton joke:

Q: Why do you scare little children and eco-suckers ‘til they wake up at night screaming?

A: Cause that’s where the money is!

And that’s the key to Climastrology, I’m sorry to say. Just like the old astrology, they scare and frighten  over and over again, and finally they get their chance to rob the taxpayers because that’s where the money is. That’s what Copenhagen and Kyoto were all about: finally getting all that loot. That’s why Obama flew to Copenhagen -- to rescue his friends at the Chicago Carbon Exchange.

Money, limitless egomania, power, fame, sex, money, political clout, money, big careers, big grants, academic tenure, money, ego trips, junkets to Copenhagen, money, free sex from Green Party prostitutes, Euro-Marxist fantasies of world conquest, money. They are interchangeable.

Keep an eye out. The Green left is going to try to revive this fraud. Either they get prosecuted for criminal fraud or they’ll be back. Think Bernie Madoff and just multiply the numbers ‘till you get to ten trillion dollars. The incentive is still there. They’ll be back unless they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.