Glenn Beck: A Man for His Time

Like Johnny Caspar in Miller’s Crossing, when I’m wrong I don’t like being reminded of the fact. Yet askew I was six months ago concerning Glenn Beck. My first impression of the host of the blockbuster Fox News program that bears his name was that, despite its obvious content value, Beck’s hyper-emotive, overly familiar style made it unfit for long-term consumption. I believed this for the same reasons I get the heebie-jeebies from Oprah or the prospects of repeating kindergarten, but wrong is wrong. I hereby offer up an article of contrition. Not only has Mr. Beck grown on me; I also acknowledge that he is one of the finest warriors in all of conservadom. So let us rally around our -- suddenly famous -- flag bearer.

And rally we must because the left has placed him at the center of their character assassination machine. This is predictable as what else could they do with a sixty-minute, five-day-a-week program that functions as a siege engine upon the castle of pseudo-liberalism, addressing corruption, the follies of statism, government chicanery, and the disinterest of politicians in the welfare of their constituents?

Beck has even declared war on our entire political class -- those Mark Levin terms “our new robber barons” -- and he single-handedly took down President Obama’s “green jobs czar,” the bombastic scandal previously known as Van Jones.

Further, his investigation into the politicization of the National Endowment for the Arts resulted in demotion for one of its partisan advocates and, without the stalwart host’s volleys, many of us would have never heard of the Apollo Alliance or the Tides Foundation.

With the exception of Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe, and Hannah Giles, Mr. Beck has proven to be the most powerful and recurring nightmare that the nefarious embezzlers who run ACORN have ever faced.

Beck recently exposed the attempt on the part of one educator to indoctrinate students by showing a heinous leftist video called “The Story of Stuff.” Sadly, in my time, I witnessed a vile and unusual teacher try to pass off worse.

As a result of the Fox superstar’s devout efforts, his foes are now attempting to censor and ridicule him.

Yes, rather than refute his positions and statements, the left has reverted to their time-tested and anti-democratic methods of seeking to silence via boycott of corporate sponsor. Color for Change led the assault, which is not surprising given that one of its co-founders was the aforementioned radical, Van Jones.

Happily, the boycott has been totally ineffective. The size of Glenn’s audience has swelled in the days since, even though the level of hate the Democrats have for him rivals their ire for Sarah Palin.

The comparison is apt as, like the former Alaskan governor, Mr. Beck gets results. The foment surrounding him was (allegedly) a product of Beck’s terming President Obama a racist with “a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

In keeping with the nuanced debating tactics of “I know you are but what am I,” the pseudo-liberals gesticulated that no, (shazam!) Glenn Beck was the racist for daring to suggest that our partisan politician-in-chief had a jaded mindset regarding the majority population of the United States.