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Giving Thanks for America's Wonderful Life

And then there is my personal favorite invention of the entire 20th Century, the internet. All Americans ought to pause for a moment and consider whether any other country in the world, whose military had invented the internet, would have shared this beyond-amazing technology with the common man all over the entire planet. I don't think so. If the Russians or the Chinese had invented the internet, they would have used it as a weapon of war, reserved to themselves and their like-minded communist tyrants. If any Muslim country had invented the internet, they would have used it to keep their modern slavery going forever. But America has shared this amazing open communication channel with the whole world. This one thing alone ought to quell any talk of American imperialism until the end of time. The internet, to this very day, is the most democratic and human-rights enabling invention since the printing press, and every citizen in every country ought to be heralding our generosity on this one with celebration.

The American innovations in farming alone have spared millions from miserable lives and starvation. The American innovations in science and medicine have made incalculable improvements in the lives of real people all over the world for more than a century.

And certainly at the forefront of America’s contributions to world civilization have been the wars fought in defiance of tyranny. Confronting totalitarianism of all stripes has been one of the hallmarks of American existence, and the only land we’ve claimed as victors was enough to bury our dead. Wars fought by Americans, both at home during the Civil War, and abroad, have unarguably provided the greatest advances in the cause of human rights -- ever.

As we allow our country to be downgraded like some worthless stock in meltdown mode, it might behoove us to just take a few moments to glance back at what we will be leaving behind. No nation has ever been perfect; none ever will be. But destroying the best one to date without a tested plan for a replacement is nothing more than the work of fools.

As I watch It’s a Wonderful Life this year, as is our custom on Thanksgiving Day, I’m going to put America in the place of George Bailey, for we are now at our bleakest hour and see ourselves as Bailey did, as an abject failure without ever having fulfilled our original promise. And just as George Bailey saw what his world would have been like without his simple good deeds and honest striving, so I will imagine a world without there ever having been an America.

As I see this scenario in my mind's eye, I know that I’ll once again be joyful in the American experiment’s successes and will rejoice at her magnificent contributions to the health, happiness, and prosperity for not only ourselves, but in truth, for the whole world.

Happy Thanksgiving, America!  You deserve it.


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