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Give Up the Racist Narrative: A Letter to Attorney General Eric Holder

White guilt, or the attempt by whites to rid themselves of the moral stigma of racism, has been brilliantly described by Shelby Steele, a former black activist. Also well described is how black "leaders" have taken advantage for years of white guilt to extract a multitude of benefits for themselves, in the first case, and additionally for blacks as a whole. If you want to advance the elimination of the racism you see in this country, start by eliminating all manipulation of white guilt and the addiction to the victimhood status the black "leaders" foist upon much of the black population.

Addiction is precisely the correct word here and your comments demonstrate that you are an addict as well. And those who suffer from the white guilt syndrome are enablers of this addiction. We have endured at least five decades of this addiction. It is a two partner dance and what needs to be done is to make sure the music is stopped altogether, not merely changed from waltz to tango.

You stated that we "need to be honest with each other." If you were honest, however, you would be willing to speak out against the addictive and enabling behaviors that have been agreed upon by blacks and whites for years. Victimhood has been proffered not only by the shakedown artists, the blackmailers, the Sharptons, the Jacksons, the "elite professors" in most high schools and universities, but by the many politicians and office holders like yourself who are more than happy to demonstrate their white guilt or black addiction to victimhood by throwing around other people's (the nation's) money for racial methadone to their own political benefit. Trillions have been spent to feed the addiction. No wonder you and the president, much less all of those who fall for your oratory, find it so difficult to stop and change. Simply put, "talk" has become part of the addiction and enabling, not of the cure. It cleverly maintains the status quo by appearing to move toward change.

If you truly want "Change," Mr. Attorney General -- as your boss has so brilliantly convinced the nation he does -- the secret lies in giving up all attachment to the racist narrative. All of the years of talk of victimhood has trained our "nanny state." As Alinsky would say, the talk has "frozen" the matter. Give it up now. President Obama talks as if he wants to take a bold step forward but underneath all his teleprompter rhetoric is simply more of the same support for the very addiction that afflicts us all.

Racism is a state of mind. If you insist on seeing differences, whether it be in skin color, competence, intelligence, opportunity, or a host of other characteristics susceptible of judgment, that is what you will see. If we are to have the necessary "guts," as you demanded, we must decide boldly to stop this addiction immediately, cold turkey, and presuppose that race is not the problem; victimhood and its enabling complement is. It is time to unfreeze the issue. Where is all that optimism the president sold his voters?

As the president said while seeking votes, "Now is the time!" Don't talk about being "post-racial" -- be post-racial. Take the mote out of your eye, insist that others do the same, and after a while, see if the country has not fundamentally changed. Then we can "talk" all you want.


Give Me Real Change