Get Ready for a Rollicking UK Election Night

For those in the U.S. looking for good election coverage:

Election Predict and Politics Home are good sources for the latest polling, and Political Betting can also provide some insight as to current predictions.

For quality thought regarding the election and its impact on the country, try the Spectator Election Blog. Leading political blogger Iain Dale is hosting a six-hour election blogging event starting at 7:00 EST on Thursday, and also check Guido Fawkes' popular blog on election day.

For video content, try Sky News, or my source of live video for the last debate, STV -- the latter originates in Scotland. Major newspapers like the Telegraph and Sun should have video coverage, but avoid the BBC, which tends to block those outside the UK from getting their domestic online feeds.

Harry Hayfield has written a decent guide on what to expect on election night with a timeline based on last year.

I will be updating this article with further sources of good coverage, like live video feeds and results, throughout the night. Pop open a decent bottle of ale, grab some water crackers with stilton, and watch the fireworks. Unless every poll is misleading, it's going to be a dramatic night.