German Authorities Confirm that Frankfurt Shooter Viewed De Palma Clip

A March 6 report on Spiegel TV includes an interview with Pierre Vogel: a German convert to Islam and one of the best-known Islamic preachers in Germany. Vogel told Spiegel TV, “whether someone carries out a terrorist attack in which, for example, civilians are indiscriminately fired upon … or someone, acting out of rage, goes and shoots a soldier who, he assumes, is going to kill his brother the next day -- for us, there is a gigantic difference [between the two cases].”

Pierre Vogel figured among Arid Uka’s Facebook friends. Uka’s Facebook page was removed from the internet shortly after its discovery. The Islamic proselytism organization Einladung zum Paradies [Invitation to Paradise] also figured among Uka’s Facebook friends. The website of Einladung zum Paradies features numerous recorded lectures by Pierre Vogel.