George Zimmerman Lynching Further Unravels

Discrepancies between more minor details surrounding the incident -- including remembering where someone was standing, what they said, or recalling why someone did something during the course of events -- are entirely expected during the first three days, with the final and most accurate recollection expected to have "set" three sleep cycles after the event.

The comparison between George Zimmerman's written statement of February 26 and his audio-recorded interviews on February 26 and 29 is stunning primarily for the consistency of his argument across these time periods. Despite an attempt by SPD investigators to compare the non-emergency call he made to police against 911 calls of that night, the key details of  Zimmerman's story hold up.

The most interesting character in the Zimmerman interrogations isn't George Zimmerman, but Sanford Police Department investigator Christopher Serino. Cordial at first, stern at times, and seemingly vacillating  between "good cop and "bad cop" roles, Serino is as variable over the three-part interrogation as Zimmerman is consistent.

Without explaining why he feels this way or presenting any evidence to support his assertion, Serino asserts Zimmerman is not being truthful with the investigation. Serino implies there may be security video of the confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, in an effort to see if Zimmerman will change his story. Serino states that he's talked to professionals who don't find Zimmerman's wounds to be consistent with the kind of fight Zimmerman says occurred, asserting Zimmerman is being less than truthful.

Pushing and probing a suspect in an attempt to clarify discrepancies or to expose a lying suspect is the police investigator's job, but Serino stands accused of going beyond his duty. He may have gone as far as attempting to influence the public's perception of the case in what would be an unethical and possibly illegal leak to the media, according to Conservative Tree House:

We contacted the Sanford Police Department, the Public Information Officer, and the Police Chief, and we explained how they can use the secured CCTV system to identify who accessed the footage and recorded it on their cell phone.

Now we know that recording was done by Lead Detective Chris Serino who was also the source of numerous exclusive ABC leaks.

Chris Serino was obviously disciplined and given the opportunity to resign from his position and take another position as  “Night Patrol”, where he can wait til his retirement.