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George Soros, the Obama Justice Department and the 2012 Presidential Election

Yesterday's most-read Pajamas Media story was this sizzler by Hans von Spakovsky detailing the ideological backgrounds of the Voting Section lawyers at Holder's DOJ who will be managing the federal election in 2012.   Today I have the second installment of a multi part series arising out of litigation Pajamas Media commenced against Eric Holder and the Most Transparent Administration in History.  The DOJ didn't want to give up the resumes of 130 lawyers hired after the inauguration.  Pajamas Media wouldn't take no for an answer and sued in federal court to obtain them.  Now we know why they fought so hard. 

If you want to understand the partisan and ideological backgrounds of the people who flooded the DOJ Voting Section (and will administer federal election laws including reviews of Voter ID, citizenship validation, redistricting, and more), don't miss today's story.  Pajamas will have more exposes about the lawyers hired in this Obama blitz in other DOJ components shortly.