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George Soros, Nazi Obsessive

The truth is that George Soros was 14 years old in 1944, not 2004. And at the same time that George Soros was having the “most exciting time” taking care of nothing more substantial than his own survival at any cost, other 11, 12, 13 and 14 year olds were actually fighting as soldiers in the war.

Not only were child soldiers being used in actual combat, but the valiant uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto -- the one George’s family had heard about in 1943 -- saw a great many children fight heroically against the Nazis. Resistance fighters throughout the Nazi-occupied territories welcomed child warriors and many played vital parts. Hitler was employing his own youth squads in tank battalions, drafting children as young as twelve. These German child soldiers were matched and often bettered in real battle by Jews and gentiles of the same ages. So for George Soros to use his youth as some sort of blanket apologetic for what many regard as unapologetic collaboration with evil is quite beyond the pale.

Soros has often spoken of his father’s rejection of Judaism as the thing that framed his own conscience development, but even that is a half-truth at best. Young George Soros was both mature enough and independent enough at age 12 to seek his own answers regarding the faith of his grandfathers. George undertook Yeshiva schooling on his own, against the admonitions of his father, learning about his Jewish history and the tenets of Judaism, even having his own bar mitzvah at age 13.

He promptly abandoned Judaism, however, concluding that man “had created God in his own image.” Fine. That was his personal choice. But he cannot now claim that during the war, he knew not what he was doing. He knew very well; he had learned from the rabbis of Budapest -- the same rabbis who were put to death by Eichmann with a lot of help from Hungarian Jews, like George Soros.

It ought not go without mention, too, that as soon as Soviet forces “liberated” Budapest, George and his father immediately set about capitalizing on their fellow Hungarians’ desperate straits. George’s “sense of exhilaration” accelerated in 1945. The year was for George “as exciting and interesting -- in many ways even more interesting and adventurous -- than the German occupation.” That was the year George Soros first began his financial ventures and currency trading in the flourishing black market.

George’s father would send him to a crowded café, the center of Budapest’s black market, to “change money and trade jewelry” -- because a 15 year old “was less likely to arouse suspicion than an older man.” And this currency trading, for which Soros has now become quite infamous and which has made him quite rich, was conducted with the same insouciance with which Soros treats his own former Nazi collaboration.

Whenever one thinks of George Soros, one ought never forget that his own conscience is made from a wholly indifferent cloth. As Soros wrote himself in 1995, in his book, Soros on Soros, “I do not accept the rules imposed by others.” No, Soros plays by his own rules. And as he shamelessly recounts his cunning survival during WWII and his money-changing exploits at war’s end, the only lesson he took from it all was that what counts in life is one’s own survival and “trying to come out on top no matter what happens around you.”

When Jews are being “deported” to death camps, Soros says, I am “above them.” What’s that to him? If “I was not doing it, then someone else would be doing it.” When life savings of hard-working people depend upon the value of their currency, Soros trades with the same nonchalance. His only goal is to save himself, promote himself, and enrich himself.

Oh, and lest we forget, Soros’ main life objective, as he told his biographer, is to “become the conscience of the world.” If Soros’ own conscience is the guide, who would wish to live in that world?