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General Mood: 'Two Versions' of the Houla Massacre

General Mood’s response can be viewed here beginning at the 3:10 mark of the video.

What is perhaps most remarkable about General Mood’s comments is that they have been almost universally ignored -- and this despite the fact that the video of the press conference has been made publicly available by UNSMIS on the mission’s own YouTube page. As of this writing, the pertinent segment of the press conference video has been viewed all of 130 times (see below screen-cap).

While the Western media makes a standard practice of repeating the claims of Syrian opposition/rebel sources as “news” and dismissing those of Syrian government sources as “propaganda,” the UN observer mission, which was established precisely to provide a neutral fact-finding presence on the ground, would appear to be of interest to no one. As recent reporting by Matthew Lee at the UN makes clear, it would appear least of all to be of interest to some of the very members of the UN Security Council that mandated its creation. (See especially Lee’s citation of German Ambassador Peter Wittig.)

At the June 15 press conference, General Mood went on to say that the mission had assembled a report about the massacre, including the details of witness interviews, and that this report had been submitted to UN headquarters in New York. This raises an obvious question: Why has this report not been rendered public?

For General Mood’s attempt to answer this question and his reflections on the role of media-induced “perception” in the Syria crisis, see part 3 of the press conference video here.