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General Jones' Apology Not Nearly Good Enough

President Obama has seemingly gone out of his way to snub Prime Minister Netanyahu and to humiliate him publicly. And everyone has noticed. Everyone has noticed, also, that President Obama has gone just as far in the other direction to sanitize every decidedly Islam-inspired act of terror, even going so far as to make no mention of Islam in the report on the Ft. Hood terrorist act.

The media looked the other way when disturbing anti-Semitic associations turned up in Barack Obama’s past. They ignored his chosen church’s close ties to Louis Farrakhan, the most well-known Jew hater in America. They ignored Barack Obama’s decades-long choice of a black liberation theology “church,” among whose tenets is an undeniable anti-Semitism. They ignored Barack Obama’s links to Rashid Khalidi, known promoter of the Palestinians-as-victims story line.

Just as now the mainstream media expect all Jews and supporters of Israel to just get over this blatantly anti-Semitic joke, told by a very high ranking member of this administration.

Now, all of this reminds me sadly of a conversation I had with a Jewish friend from New York in 2007. At that time, it looked as though Hillary Clinton was the likely Democrat nominee for ‘08 and I asked my friend whether she would vote for Hillary knowing about the disturbingly anti-Semitic features of her past. My friend was shocked.

She was evidently completely unaware that Hillary and Bill’s most frequent guest to the White House during their tenure there was Yasser Arafat, the late-great leader of the PLO.  My friend was also in the dark about the infamous Hillary sympathy-kiss to Arafat’s wife when she accused Israelis of, among other things, using poison gas on Palestinians. My friend seemed never to have even heard the charges made by a good many close associates of the Clintons that the harshly derogatory phrases, “Jew Motherf***er” and “f***ing Jew bastard,” were among Hillary’s favorite epithets.

In fact, my Jewish friend from New York accused me of making it all up and insisted vehemently that “all Democrats support Israel and all Democrats love the Jews.” End of discussion.

And General Jones didn’t really mean a single nasty thing by this blatantly anti-Semitic, full-of-logical-holes “joke.”

Sweep it all under the protect-Obama-at-all-costs rug, folks.

As for my Jewish friend, I implore her to refrain from saying “never again” in my vicinity as long as she and so many like her keep voting for these people. It gives me the vapors and I’m running  low on smelling salts these days.