General Holder - please don't resign!

Dear Eric:

Thanks for reading my stuff.  PJ Tatler has a story below about Debra Burlingame calling for you to resign.  Please please don't pay any attention to her.  If you’ve been reading all my PJM articles, and not just the ones (minute 9:00) that expose your DOJ for politicized FOIA compliance or New Black Panther whitewashes, you’d see that I suggested your fellow Democrats should call for your resignation.  Silly me, I figured they’d never listen to me, even if they would have been really smart to do so.  See, I was there at DOJ when Alberto Gonzales resigned and Michael Mukasey came in.  Wow, did it ever take the wind out of the sails of the critics.  No longer were critics writing long, detailed articles about what a mess the place was.  Mukasey came in and before you know it, people quit pounding DOJ, day after day, in the press.  Even if you and I know Debra’s right on the merits, but if you listen to her, we won’t have as much to write about here at PJM.  Mr. Panetta over at CIA wants you gone too.  But just ignore him.  I know, I know, terror trials and screwing up military voting rights in 2010 are serious issues that are way more important than giving us at PJM something to write about.  But let’s work this out.  You stay on through at least this January, and I can ask the people at PJTV if they might have you in to tell your side of the story every now and then.  Only you, no press people.  The lady you have working for you in the Office of Public Affairs sometimes screams too much at reporters to be on-air.  Schmaler?  I think that’s her name.  You should give her some time off to chill out and calm down.  So just keep ignoring all these people calling for your resignation.  Stick to your guns like Janet Reno did, and we’ll all be better off!  Well, maybe not all of us, or even most of us.  But you get the point.


J. Christian Adams