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Gallup: Majority Have Favorable Image of the NRA

In the wake of recent shootings that have increased calls for gun control, the nation's leading opponent of such laws maintains a favorable image with the majority of Americans. A Gallup poll conducted December 19-22 finds that 54% of Americans view the NRA in a positive light. Thirty-eight percent view the NRA unfavorably.

Opinion differs strongly among gun owners and those who do not own guns, and among Republicans versus Democrats. Gun owning households hold a 71% approval rating for the NRA, while households with no gun owners hold just a 40% approval. Republicans strongly approve of the NRA, at 81%, while Democrats strongly disapprove of the organization, 36% favorable and 58% unfavorable.

The NRA's current overall 54% approval rating is down slightly from its high point in 2005, when 60% viewed it favorably.