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From The Spin Room: Is Candy Crowley Stalking Me?

With the debate a few hours away, I've settled into my aisle seat in the spin room.  To my  left is a curtain forming a hallway which serves to hide luminaries from sight as they walk in and out of the temporary Fox News studio.  To my right is a row of 32  other credentialed reporters and pundits. There are twenty other rows just like mine.  It looks more like the school gym  and we were taking our SATs.

In front of the row of desks is an open area....the spin area.   Already the campaign voices are telling us why their guys are good and the others are bad.  The first thing I learned about the spin area is the "more famous the spokesman," the bigger the crowd.

John Kerry had the biggest pack of followers, Howard Dean's crowd was huge also (and he didn't have to scream to get it).

I cornered Rep Peter King (R-NY) who expected Libya to be a big part of tonight's proceedings--we will see.

Getting back to my laptop. I discovered something worrisome:

That's Right----debate moderator Candy Crowley has hooked herself onto my laptop.  Do you think she is stalking me?

More later...