From the 'Most Transparent Administration in History' to Threatening and Attacking Bob Woodward

But others are coming forward with claims that the Obama White House threatened them, too. A story in USA Today cryptically refers to the fact that other reporters have been threatened. And Democrat Lanny Davis, a former aide to President Bill Clinton, says the Obama White House threatened the Washington Times over a column that he wrote.

The White House aide allegedly told Times editor John Solomon, “that if he continued to run my [Davis'] columns, he would lose, or his reporters would lose their White House credentials.”

J. Christian Adams writes of other thuggish behavior displayed by the Obama White House.

The aide at the center of these current threat allegations, economic adviser Gene Sperling, has a history of mistreating reporters who don't toe the Obama White House's line. Sperling belittled CNN's Jessica Yellin for presenting an alternative to Sperling's viewpoint. He also got testy during an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo when she persisted to remind him that the Obama White House has no budget.

In both of those cases, Sperling lost his cool when a reporter had the nerve to present a viewpoint that opposed his. Now he's accused of threatening another reporter for presenting the facts on sequestration.

The weight of the evidence clearly backs Woodward. The Obama White House did propose sequestration, and is now threatening and belittling Bob Woodward for reporting the truth.