From Sandy Hook to Malpractice?

As we approach the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, it has become clear that civilian disarmament proponents use 20 dead children to promote their disarmament agenda. Missing from the dialogue are many truths they intentionally circumvented.

Government mandates that taxpayers support government-run schools, but exempts itself from responsibility should your children die while in school custody: The Supreme Court rules repeatedly, via cases like DeShaney v. Winnebago and Castle Rock v. Gonzales, that government agencies have no duty to protect your children.

Taxpayers also fund tuition for Obama’s -- and other government employees’ -- children at Sidwell School, which employs 15 Special Police Officers and other security personnel to provide armed defense against the terror that resulted in Sandy Hook Elementary School being razed and replaced, costing taxpayers another $50M.

These discrepancies don’t stop doctors from promoting their disarmament agenda. In May 2013 -- two weeks after the Senate failed to advance gun control legislation promoted as the result of Sandy Hook -- the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) sent “more than 100 pediatricians to Capitol Hill” to lobby Congress to pass restrictive gun laws, citing various research as proof that “where there are more guns in the United States, there are more people dying.” What follows is an example of “research” supporting their agenda.

Publishing in the medical journal “Pediatrics,” researchers surveyed “assault-injured youth” seeking emergency care in Flint, Michigan. Their objective was to explore why “firearm violence is a leading cause of death among youth” and their conclusion was “assault-injured youth had high rates of firearm possession.”

Media immediately promoted this as a general truth. For example, U.S. News led with: “Nearly one in four young people who come to an emergency room with an assault injury owns a gun.” USA Today wrote: “Gun violence is a leading cause of death among young people in the USA, and with it comes notably high rates of gun possession.”

But by not fact-checking, media failed to act as a disseminator of truth and government watchdog, instead becoming a promoter of government policy, and socially engineering public opinion to support that policy.

Confusing definition of "youth"

The researchers promoted a misleading definition of “youth” in order to imply that children are at grave risk. They referred to “child” or “children” five times in their paper. Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines the word “childhood” as “the time from birth to puberty.” OED defines “puberty” as“the period during which adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction, distinguished by the appearance of secondary sexual characteristics.” There seems to be general agreement that puberty concludes by age 15, so true children are ages 0-14.

They included the term “adolescent” 14 times. Psychology Today says adolescence is “the teenage years between 13 and 19.” Even though they surveyed subjects aged 14-24, the average age was 19.8, so many of their subjects were adults, not adolescents or children.