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French Accuser of DSK Refuses to Help American Prosecution

In an interview that she gave to the French website AgoraVox in October 2008, Tristane Banon said that she was “shocked” by the law of silence or “omerta” surrounding Strauss-Kahn’s alleged history of sexual predation in France. Referring to her own case, she continued, “Not only is it known in journalistic circles in Paris, but it is not only my case that is known. ... There are a whole bunch of problems of the same sort that are talked about in journalistic circles. I cannot get over the generalized hypocrisy surrounding this story.”

Asked why she had not pressed charges in 2002 in the aftermath of the alleged assault, Banon noted that, among other things, “I did not feel very comfortable with the idea of finding myself having to confront the matter all alone.”

Tristane Banon’s 2008 AgoraVox interview is available here with English subtitles. For the details of her accusations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, see my earlier report here.

(Photo: Tristane Banon speaking with AgoraVox, 2008.)