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Free Speech vs. Islamists: Why the West Is Losing

Also, these days, when Islamists threaten free speech about Islam-related topics with violence, legal action, boycotts, or complaints about “Islamophobia,” many Westerners -- especially the leftist European and American elite -- actually join in the efforts. In Germany, the government recently announced that it would be monitoring the “counterjihadi websites” to make sure no hateful language was used. Presumably, those malefactors found will be prosecuted for their anti-Islam “hate speech,” as were Geert Wilders and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff. In Scandinavian nations, so-called “right-wing” parties that are concerned about unlimited immigration and the unwillingness of the mostly Muslim immigrants to integrate are branded the ideological sympathizers of one of the few non-Islamist terrorists, Anders Breivik, so as to undermine the appeal of the “right-wing” parties to the average voting citizen.

In the U.S., thanks to a little pressure from CAIR -- which because of politically correct feelings is able to avoid the stigma of being recognized as a group with “ties to terrorism” -- websites like Bare Naked Islam are taken down (but later returned), the NYPD is increasingly derided for being anti-Muslim, and honored generals are shunned. A Pennsylvania judge decided that a Muslim’s decision to choke an offending atheist -- who was parading down the street as “Zombie Mohammed,” right next to “Zombie Pope” -- is no reason to punish the choker, but reason enough to lecture the chokee for being a “doofus.”

Even the U.S. president meekly apologizeds, along with much of his administration, for the accidental burning of Korans in Afghanistan.

Most disturbingly, international organizations are increasingly getting into the Islam-related censorship field. As I have already mentioned, the OIC has pushed resolutions through the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council since 1999 to restrict “defamation of religions.” Egypt and Pakistan have also forced the UN Human Rights Council to ban in-depth discussion of religions after an NGO representative to that body described female genital mutilation as sanctioned by Islamic law. Interpol, the world’s largest international police organization, may have been enlisted by Saudi Arabia to help track down Muslims who violate that nation’s “blasphemy laws.” If this occurred, this action violates Interpol’s own constitutional neutrality clause which states that it is “strictly forbidden” for the organization to undertake any intervention of a religious character. Even the OSCE, an organization most Americans have never heard of, is now promoting censorship at the behest of Muslim Europeans.

There is at least one Western man who stands strong. In 2007, Lars Vilks, a Swedish cartoonist, drew a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a dog. He immediately found himself threatened by death by Islamists and was forced into protective detail. But he kept on speaking out in defense of free speech. At one of his most recent lectures, where Vilks showed a picture of Mohammed in front of a beer bottle, he found himself pelted by eggs thrown by Islamic radicals.

But otherwise, the situation is bleak.