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Frank J. Fleming Makes the Case for Obama's Greatness

After an intro that takes us back to the mindset of unlimited hope and wonder that Obama gave our country when he first entered the political scene, Fleming chronicles the rise of Obama from obscurity to power. He quickly establishes that we can't look upon Obama like we would a normal man, because he's obviously something more.

Many believe that Barack [middle name omitted because it's racist to draw attention to] Obama is just a regular person who puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us, but this is fallacy. In fact, were you to witness the miraculous way in which Obama puts on his pants, your brain would hemorrhage trying to comprehend it, and you'd die.

After showing how we came to be blessed with the Obama presidency, Fleming then begins his airtight argument that proves Obama has in fact been the best president ever. He does this by going through all the issues Obama has confronted -- the economy, spending, energy, foreign affairs -- and explains how Obama has done as well as any person possibly could -- or even better. And Fleming is careful to assuage any fears and show us how the failures of our own intelligence keep us from understanding Obama's methods.

Obama is operating on a whole other level here where we can't even follow his logic, and that can be scary at times. It's like if some sort of primitive person -- a West Virginian, perhaps -- saw a surgeon doing an operation. He'd think the surgeon was harming the sleeping man by cutting in to him, when in fact the surgeon was helping that man. And that's who Obama is -- a smiling man with a knife that we're a little bit scared of. But don't worry; he knows what he's doing.

Not satisfied with merely proving that Obama has expertly handled all the issues in front of him, Fleming then compares Obama to every previous president to show how he bests each one. Fleming also takes on some of the common objections to Obama and expertly defeats them. And he ends the book with a look to the future, showing exactly how "when the future that we will win becomes the present that was won" we will have reached a land of infinite wonder, thanks to Obama.

This is a great ebook -- if not the greatest book ever in either print or digital format -- and I now feel like Judas times Benedict Arnold plus Jane Fonda for ever having doubted Frank J. Fleming or Barack Obama. Out of five stars, I give this book an eighty-three. And at $1.99, there is no excuse not to buy it. I've heard of places in the world where people live on two dollars a day, so worst case scenario is that you don't eat for a day so you can save up to get it -- and it's worth that. Anyone capable of learning the English language should absolutely read this book. So should all humans and some chimpanzees and gorillas. Then together we can realize what a great leader Obama is and stop worrying so much and perhaps stop all this nonsense of trying to find a Republican replacement for him, which really has gotten rather irritating.

Thank you, Frank J. Fleming, for writing this book. I don't know what I'd do without you.

You can purchase Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything at Amazon.com or you can find the nearest seller at the publisher's website.