Frank J. Fleming Makes the Case for Obama's Greatness

Frank J. Fleming is one of the most brilliant writers in existence. Some call him the defining conservative voice of our generation. Others call him the defining conservative voice of all time. Still others get angry at him, as they're easily confused by satire. Whatever you say about him, you have to agree that his unique columns and witty blogging are the pinnacle of man's ability to put words together in sentences and are probably what will be used to define our civilization when the remains of it are dug up by aliens or ape-men. It's really hard for me to be objective when writing about Fleming because he's just so awesome. Women want him, men want to be him, dogs want to be pet by him, cats... well, they hiss at him. You can't trust those creatures.

So there was probably no one more excited than I was when I learned he was going to have an ebook published by HarperCollins. But then I saw the title: Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything. Was Fleming really going to argue for President Obama? What kind of cruel joke was this? My world was shattered.

But then I got a hold of myself and said, "Remember, we're talking about Frank Fleming... and not just any Frank Fleming -- Frank J. Fleming. Obviously, he knows what he's doing." And then it became apparent to me why he wrote this book. Fleming could easily have written a book called Obama: Not Very Good at This Whole President Thing. In it he'd go on about how Barack Obama is an arrogant idiot with no useful skills who is completely in over his head and should probably write a big letter of apology to the whole country, resign, and exile himself to the far north regions of Canada, never to be heard from again. It would be rather predictable. Still, because Fleming wrote it, it would undoubtedly be one of the greatest books in the English language and well worth your money, but it wouldn't be the best book he could write.

For Fleming to do his best, he needs a challenge, and what greater challenge could there be than to argue that Obama is the greatest president ever in the history of everything? Think of the book as a "What If..." scenario. What if all the overenthusiastic people so convinced in 2008 that Obama would be the best president ever were in fact right, and the only thing keeping us from recognizing Obama as the savior of America is our limited intelligence and perception? This is the scenario Fleming runs with; you might dismiss it as "science fiction," but he makes it believable.