Fox's Bob Beckel Challenges Jason Mattera to a Knife Fight Over Lerner Ambush Video

Liberal Democrat Bob Beckel, co-host on Fox News Channel's The Five, has never given the IRS targeting scandal any credibility. He has insisted that it's not a scandal, even that the conservatives who were subjected to invasive scrutiny by the IRS and Lois Lerner deserved it. He has said that they all should have been subjected to even more invasive questioning and more politically driven delays.

So imagine Beckel's reaction to this video of conservative Jason Mattera targeting Lois Lerner, the bureaucrat at the center of the IRS scandal, for some invasive questioning.

Beckel did react to the video today, in his typically understanding, even-handed fashion. Which is to say that he wants to hurt Mr. Mattera, with a knife.

Greg Gutfeld set up the segment prior to the clip above by contrasting it with a more traditional political ad, which Gutfeld cited as a better way to go.

Beckel came flat-out unhinged on Mattera: "Let me move to this, Jason, let me give a very special comment to him. You’re twice as young as I am, you’re a punk, you’re a coward, my name is Bob Beckel, you’re a coward, you’re a punk, you pick on people and you deserve to have your — kicked. So get in touch with me." Beckel offered to let Fox give Mattera his personal address.