4 Reasons Why the Duck Dynasty Brouhaha Matters

A&E TV's decision to suspend Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is still lighting up social media. The network probably had some idea that any decision impacting its most popular show would generate a backlash, but probably underestimated just how large the reaction would be. Whether it had any idea of just how important a battle it was opening is something only the network execs really know. If they're the typical broadcast execs, they probably have very little contact with the kind of people who watch Duck Dynasty, and have no idea why the show is as popular as it is.

Wittingly or not, A&E has chosen a side in the culture wars. The network said as much in its statement last night, when it said that it strongly stands with the LGBT community, against a man whose offense was quoting the New Testament. That's a significant statement, one that Christians should not ignore.

Give Them an Inch, and They'll Take a Mile

Many on the right have seen the trajectory of the gay rights movement and concluded that it's wise to surrender on the marriage question to be "on the right side of history." The lesson of Phil Robertson suggests that once the marriage battle is won, groups like the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD will simply move on to a new battlefield. They will not stop. They do not exist to stop. They exist to keep on pushing. The next battlefield may well be codifying the idea they expressed last night, that quoting mainstream Christian beliefs that have been in place for a couple thousand years amounts to hate speech that should be banned.

But discrimination against Christians is perfectly ok.

Unless GLAAD has a theological division, it's in no place to dictate Christian values. But that won't stop it from trying. The end game for GLAAD and its allies is among the most intolerant goals possible: They want to drive all Christians and Christian values and ideas from the public square in America. They want to persecute and oppress. They admitted as much when they supported Robertson's suspension for saying something that they didn't like.