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Four Questions Jay Leno Failed to Ask President Obama

In the midst of what the Obama administration says is a major terrorist threat, President Obama chose to appear again on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday night. By appearing alongside Leno instead of sitting down to a tough news interview, Obama avoided having to answer the following questions.

OBAMAS-FLAG-LOOKS-LIKE-BLOOD-STAINS-IN-BENGHAZI-91403875785Leno never asked about the latest Benghazi revelations. CNN reported last week that the CIA has been hard at work making sure none of the survivors talk to the media or Congress. The Obama administration claims, though, that it's not standing in the way of anyone who wants to testify. Both of these things cannot be true.

The subject of Benghazi came up, once, but only in the context that the U.S. might be overreacting to it.

Q    What do you say to those cynics who go, oh, this is an overreaction to Benghazi — how do you respond to that?

That teed the president up to sound like a rational pro-defense hawk and to explain the embassy closures and evacuations without challenge. It also allowed him to avoid having to explain any of his or his administration's actions, such as blaming the attack on a movie and jailing the movie maker. He also didn't need to explain where he was and what he was doing during the attack.


The IRS abuse of conservatives never came up. Leno has made several monologue jokes about the IRS scandal, but when he had the president in the chair next to him, he never asked about it. The story has morphed since it broke on May 10, from being action initiated by "rogue employees" to now having connections to the IRS counsel's office. The IRS counsel is one of just two political appointees. Obama has called the IRS scandal a "phony scandal." Leno must agree, since he never bothered to ask Obama about it.