'Forward' into a March of Mayhem

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spoke to college kids last week; as expected, their messages were strikingly different. Romney’s message was the message of entrepreneurship and taking risks. Obama’s message was the message of let go and let the government take care of you.

Romney’s message was one must take a chance and endure the consequences. Obama’s message was go ahead and try--but if it gets too tough, the government will bail you out.

Romney’s message was when you risk, you may fail--but only with failing can you truly succeed. Obama’s message was if you fail then it’s America’s fault because America isn’t fair.

Romney deals in reality. Obama deals in denial. Reality rebounds. Denial destroys.

It is this choice that will decide America’s future in 2012. Restore America’s true character of self-determination or Forward into an abyss of entitlement envy and unsustainable debt.

The weight of this decision will be carried on the shoulders of young America in the 2012 election. Will young America shrug?

The importance of the youth vote is vital for Obama. He is losing men in such numbers that he must get 59% of the women’s vote to win. That’s a high and unrealistic number. It will be a challenge to obtain because women are smarter than the Democrats dream.

Thus, Obama ventured forward with his college odyssey last week. The stops were, coincidentally, at swing state colleges.

Obama swung by the campuses of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the University of Colorado-Boulder, and the University of Ohio. He swaggered onto campus, a place where he feels most at ease, and with his hip and cool demeanor told the students what they wanted to hear--student loan forgiveness and reduced interest rates.

Obama was hoping that he was preaching to a naive group of kids because he is relying on default liberals--kids who join the liberal bandwagon because it is the hip thing to do. “Other kids do it, why shouldn’t I?”

Obama is banking on kids who will remain in the dark and invest in his illusion that “Give me liberty and gimme, gimme” is feasible.