Fort Hood and Disarmament

Washington is aroused to the level of talk.  President Obama sprang into action: 

Speaking at a fundraiser shortly after the killings became public knowledge, President Obama told donors he was ‘heartbroken’   and promised to get answers as to the cause.” No doubt he’ll seek those answers with all of the determination and transparency used to get answers in the Fast and Furious Benghazi and IRS cases.

Homeland security chairman Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, told Megyn Kelly he thinks soldiers should be able to carrying arms on base. ‘The problem here, and with Fort Hood, the prior Nidal Hasan case, is that they couldn’t defend themselves because they were not allowed to carry weapons’ McCaul said, adding he thinks lawmakers need to revisit the current restrictions. In Hawaii, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was asked about the safety and security of military posts and bases. ‘When we have these kinds of tragedies on our bases, something’s not working,’ Hagel said.

That’s the kind of insight for which Secretary Hagel is infamous.  Given the regulations in place, these kinds of tragedies are utterly predictable. Unlike the Fort Hood attack perpetrated by Muslim terrorist Major Hasan, and egregiously mislabeled by the Obama Administration, denying its victims the decorations and benefits due them, this attack appears to be an actual case of workplace violence.

There have been additional suggestions: more gun control policies essentially making military installations double gun-free zones, heightened screening of anyone entering bases, enhanced mental health measures, even more military police officers.  None of these can possibly be effective.  The two Ft. Hood attacks can only serve to advertise to our terrorist enemies—of whom there are many in America—and to deranged domestic shooters that military installations—just like schools—are excellent places to attack, soft targets promising many helpless victims to be shot at leisure before any effective response can be mounted.  Compare this attack to Sandy Hook Elementary: 

The first 911 call to the Newtown police occurred at 9:35:39. The first officer arrived at 9:39, but no officers entered the     building until 9:44:47, nine minutes and eight seconds after the 911 call. Lanza began his attack at 9:30 and shot himself at  9:40:03, four minutes and 44 seconds before the first officer     entered the building. He had more than ten uninterrupted minutes before he shot himself. If he wished, he could have had  at least five minutes more.

At Fort Hood, the same factors were present.  The killer had approximately ten minutes uninterrupted to kill, his only restraints being the availability of unarmed victims and his own marksmanship.  When a police officer confronted him, he almost immediately shot himself.  The same was true at Sandy Hook, where the shooter, knowing the police would soon arrive, killed himself.

This is the pattern of these crimes.  At the December, 2012 attack at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon, the killer managed to murder only two people before being confronted by an armed citizen and killing himself.