Former Puerto Rico Governor to PJM: ‘Dramatic Change in Public Policy’ Hurting Island

“What you do is talk about pro-growth policies, optimism and opportunity. When you open up the market, you open up the economy and there is opportunity for everyone,” he responded.

When asked why he decided to endorse Jeb Bush, Fortuño cited Bush’s eight years of executive experience.

“First, he governed as truly a conservative governor. The economy grew at a faster pace than any other economy in the country, creating over a million jobs, so I believe the world requires America’s leadership and he has showed that he could provide it,” he said.

“We have other excellent candidates as well. I can give you examples: Governor Scott Walker, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Rand Paul, so we have others that I believe will be strong candidates moving forward,” he added.

Fortuño believes the Republicans will “prevail” in the general election against the Democratic nominee even if Bush is not the nominee.

“The alternative will not be as attractive,” he said.