Former Bush Advisor: Keep Calm and Submit to Putin

The most important one: the price of oil. Russia wants it high, and America wants it low. Russia only talks about stability in the Middle East when one of its pet dictators is threatened; at other times it gives active support to terrorist groups like Hezbollah and does all it can to sow discord throughout the region -- strife raises the oil prices. And then, of course, there’s the basic reality that Russia wants an entirely different kind of world than America does, one where tyrannical values rather than American ones hold sway.

Then Saunders actually issues a veiled threat, as if speaking on Putin’s behalf. He says that if we don’t submit to Putin’s will, Putin may begin sending even more dangerous weapons to Syria -- or even combat troops. “Think Russia is already doing this? Think again.” He even implies that if we don’t bend over for Putin, he may start supporting al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Simply a blood-curdling read when coming from an American presidential adviser.

Saunders finishes with more lies. He claims Russia gave the U.S. warning about the Boston bombers, when in fact Russia withheld critical information about their communications that might have helped us intercept them -- this is now the focus of a congressional investigation.

Saunders intones like a mantra the Kissingerian doctrine that “the highest moral standard is the standard of results, not intentions, hopes or statements.” He asks America to walk away from the stirring moral leadership of Ronald Reagan, who with his “evil empire” and “tear down this wall” speeches served as a great hope for millions of Eastern Europeans who dwelled in the Soviet shadows.

In his stead, Saunders urges us to follow Chamberlain, to beg Putin for mercy and hope for his good graces.