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Former Assad champions Carter, Pelosi and Kerry are silent on Syrian atrocities

As I mentioned in a post last month, our man in Damascus, Syria is none other than Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He has personally visited Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad a half dozen times over the last two years. Well before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Assad a "reformer," Kerry was Assad's highest profile booster and lobbyist in the nation's capital.

Since Assad has spilled blood in the streets of Syria, however, Kerry has been silent.  He has had nothing to say since Syrian police and troops have been gunning down civilian, sealing off cities, cutting off food and electricity to protesting towns and closing the border with Jordan.  His staff told reporters he could not be reached because of the congressional recess.

Kerry is not alone. Other major liberals who have trekked to Damascus in support of he dictator also have remained quiet.  Among those who have personally visited and extolled him are former President Jimmy Carter and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi herself thumbed the nose of the U.S. State Department in August 2007 to travel to personally visit Assad.

All three figures have said nothing about Syrian atrocities. Actually, that's not exactly right. Today former President Carter did raise human rights violations. It was not about Syria, however. Today, wrapping up his two day visit to Pyongyang, North Korea, he raised U.S. human rights violations -- against the North Korean regime.