Forgetting Communism's Evils

Like most dictators, Tito had streets and towns renamed after him when he took power. After independence they were changed back. Borstnik laments in an email that the ramp renaming is likely to pass without notice, for “under [the] present government there is a tremendous pressure to reintroduce all kind of ‘old-time’ venues into the daily life of Slovenia.”

I saw evidence of this forgetting and denial when I attended the meeting of the Society for Slovene Studies at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies (AAASS) conference in late 2008. A couple of survivors of Tito’s prison camps sat with me as we listened to young scholars and journalists advance the fashionable academic ideas that spring from Marxist ideology. While much needs to be done to wrest power from the old communist party bosses controlling much of the media and industry in Slovenia and in the old Soviet states, the organizers of the conference thought that gender should be the main concern. Academics parsed out such things as gender identities (they came up with a count of nine) and expounded on the insecure “masculinities” of Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev.

In the meantime, former KGB agent Putin has been working to rehabilitate Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, whose birthday is celebrated by Russians, who by a majority of 54% hold a high opinion of him. Here in the U.S. Stalin was included in the lineup of the D-Day Memorial, as Candace de Russy wrote in these pages. In the Czech Republic the communist party is the third largest; only now are there calls for outlawing it because of its advocacy of violence. The article points out that most other communists of the satellite states have melded into center-left parties. The communist criminals now “re-embraced” throughout the world often have a Ph.D. or J.D. after their names.

Our own communist indoctrinator and Obama pal Professor Bill Ayers appeared on Russia Television to give his opinion that we should withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, and close down all our military bases around the world. “The idea that we have been a force for good for the last six decades is nonsense,” Ayers opined.

We can thank those like Bill Ayers who have ensconced themselves in positions of power in education for the revision of history and the change in attitudes towards socialism. The onetime bomb-setter Ayers is doing his damage by using the schools to advance the communist idea of “social justice.”

The denials, however, have real consequences. While the intellectuals look in the other direction to count the number of genders or “investigate” trumped-up charges of “right-wing extremism,” our president meets with and accepts money from the communist group Code Pink that has explicitly called for our defeat at the hands of the Taliban.

There is evidence aplenty that the Obama administration and Democrats support worldwide socialism. While the mainstream media harps about the mental fragility of our soldiers, a jihadist openly plans and executes the slaughter of fellow soldiers. The director of homeland security begins her tenure going after law-abiding citizens and soldiers as right-wing extremists, and then denies there were security breaches after a Christmas Day terror attack. “Fall of Capitalism and Rise of Islam,” in this light, is an apt name for a conference.