Following the Pork Trail of British Politicos

Obviously scared by the outcry from the press and public alike, MPs are paying the taxpayers back and the Conservative leader has ordered his shadow cabinet to reimburse the taxpayer. Many, including members of the shadow cabinets, have resigned their position. Some are not seeking re-election next time around. Can you imagine if the tea party movement had this sort of effect on American politicians?

Organizations in the UK want access to information so they write an equivalent to the National Taxpayers' Union's (NTU) House expenses report. They produce things like the Bumper Book of Government Waste with reports of  MPs' graft and pork.

As seen in my interview with TPA's Matthew Elliot, there is more sharing of tactics between taxpayers and anti-government waste organizations across the pond. They are making sure to learn from their mistakes, to keep the pressure on those that govern us, and ensure politicians are not fiddling their expenses. Despite what the politicians might believe, the public can clearly see the link between their rising taxes and the waste that emanates from government centers.

As part of the ever-growing tea party movement, there's a very real possibility that there will be an increasingly loud call for politicians'  financial behavior to be more heavily scrutinized than it has been in the past.

The sort of abuse of power being demonstrated by the MPs in the UK  and many of the members of the House and the Senate in the U.S. could come back to haunt them in 2010 -- an election year on both sides of the Atlantic.