Florida Congressman: 'White People' to Blame for Collapse of Amnesty in Congress

Step One is to recognize a coordinated and wicked racial attitude which has become a central organizing catalyst of the modern Democrat Party: whites are to blame for ________; race is to blame for ______.

Blaming races and groups of people for what ails a nation is a tactic used by the wicked for centuries.

If the Republican Party wants to make progress on racial issues, it needs to go back to its roots.  It needs to echo the universal views of people like Senator Charles Sumner and expose and crush the racialist tropes of the congressman from Fort Lauderdale. Without aggressively confronting and exposing the immoral (and sadly far too popular) attitude expressed by Hastings, timid outreach efforts are doomed to fail.

Will it happen?  Maybe, if the Republican Party ignores those who think silence about racial issues is the way to win.  Meanwhile, the other side enforces groupthink.