Florida Congressman on Obama, Scandals: 'Liberal Groups Will Be Next'

Radel was able to stop by the Tuesday briefing for all members on the NSA.

“I reject the concept of ‘well, this is a way we’ve always done it.’ I have not been privy to some of the intelligence briefing that more senior level members have but as a member of Congress who believes in liberty, who believes in the Constitution, I will do whatever I can to continue to give pushback on this heavy-handed executive branch because – and I cannot stress this enough – if you give the government an inch, they’ll take a mile and if we allow all of this to just keep going and going unchecked, what happens next is what we see at the IRS,” Radel said.

He added that the information was “used for political purposes and that’s what scares me.”

Obama said on June 7 that all members were briefed on the NSA surveillance program.

Roe said he had two “classified briefings” and the “action of the NSA” was not mentioned.

“Count me in the surprised category,” Roe added.

He also expressed concern that the NSA is gathering “so much data” that it is missing critical information.

“I think you can get so much data that you can’t find out where the needle is in the haystack,” Roe said, citing Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev being under FBI surveillance and the “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab being reported as a terrorist by his own father.

“People don’t trust their government now and when you don’t trust your government, we as elected officials won’t be able to govern,” said Roe.

“It’s imperative that the public understand that we’re not snooping on them, we’re not looking at their private lives and you have those protections in the Constitution.”