Florida Congressman on Obama, Scandals: 'Liberal Groups Will Be Next'

Edward Snowden, who leaked classified information about the National Security Agency’s surveillance program, is “not a whistleblower,” Florida Republican Rep. Trey Radel told PJ Media.

He also connected the NSA leak to the IRS scandal, warning that if Congress gives the Obama administration “an inch, they’ll take a mile.”

Radel was asked if he agrees with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that Snowden is “a traitor.”

“I think that he needs a fair trial. Look, in his situation, he needs to be tried, period. He violated his place of work, it’s a national security issue but he’s not a whistleblower,” responded Radel on Capitol Hill.

“Okay, we keep hearing that this guy is a whistleblower. A whistleblower would have gone through the proper channels and not moved to China to go grab headlines in newspapers and try to get the spotlight on him.”

Republican Tennessee Rep. Phil Roe told PJ Media that his constituents are “very concerned” about the NSA accessing their phone records.

“I voted against the Patriot Act. I was very concerned about habeas corpus rights and our rights as individuals and I really do believe even though you hear people talk about this person who exposed this is a traitor or whatever, I don’t believe that,” Roe said.

“I don’t think that and people out there where I live in Tennessee, 720,000 people I represent, are very concerned.”

President Obama recently said the federal government is not listening in on Americans’ phone calls.

PJ Media also asked Radel if he has any doubts about Obama’s statement.

“I don’t know but here’s what I do know. If liberals, Democrats are looking at what the IRS did, for example, and saying, you know, that’s kind of funny, that’s cute, they targeted tea parties. Here’s the problem: liberal groups will be next. I want to stand up for everyone and make sure that the executive branch is kept in check because I don’t have these answers,” he said.