Flashback: 'Jihadis Threaten to Burn U.S. Embassy in Cairo'

Now we know, based on CNN's blockbuster, that there were 56 CIA personnel in Benghazi that night. Several of them were wounded, some seriously, but the American people have not been allowed to hear from any of them. CNN reports that the CIA is threatening them into silence. It has forced many of them to sign non-disclosure agreements, threatening their careers if they do talk to Congress or the media. CNN also reports that it has interviewed the lead suspect behind the attack, while the Federal Bureau of Investigations has not. The FBI failed to even investigate the site at all for weeks after the attack. Now it evidently isn't even pursuing a basic investigation at all.

We don't know precisely why so many CIA personnel were operating in Benghazi, but speculation is that they were running an arms operation from Libya to Syria via Turkey. Specifically, they were rounding up dangerous surface-to-air missiles capable of shooting down military aircraft (and civilian airliners) from Libya's chaos and transferring them to the Syrian rebellion, which is powered in large part by al-Qaeda. Such a policy obviously exposes Europe and the U.S. to jihadist missile attacks. There is no way to guarantee that once those missiles got to Syria, al-Qaeda could not covertly ship them elsewhere to use against civilians.

Whether the missile-running story turns out to be true or not, the CIA now stands credibly accused by CNN of engaging in a massive, ongoing cover-up to keep the truth from Congress and from the media, and ultimately from the American people.

The cover-up goes well beyond the CIA. The State Department surely had the same September 10 warning that we published here. It therefore knew or should have known that the attack on the embassy in Cairo was a true terrorist attack, not a reaction to a movie or any other "religious incitement." Benghazi was likewise a true terrorist attack. Nearly a year later, we're only starting to understand how large and significant that attack truly was. The FBI's lack of interest plus the State Department's quick leap to blame the Cairo attack on a movie plus the CIA's actions revealed by CNN suggest that the cover-up goes well beyond the CIA, into the Justice Department and State Department, and higher up in the executive branch.