Fix Immigration Now

Registration and Declaration of Intent

It is as fundamental as securing the borders against continued illegal entry that all illegals in the U.S. be accounted for from the outset. That will require in-person registration with the government and the issuance of an official ID card that includes a new immigrant number under which all records would be kept. This card and number would be required of all individuals, including children and infants, even if born in this country to illegal parents. (The reason for this last provision will be made clear further on.)

The only way to accomplish this is for people to register themselves voluntarily or face deportment. Certain guarantees would be required in order for this to happen -- primarily, a guarantee of no immediate deportation and a clear understanding of what will follow registration. (It goes without saying those who don’t register, but are found subsequently to have criminal records or are otherwise deemed unacceptable, should be immediately deported.) The registration process itself would include name, address, phone, family and dependent status, years in the country, and place of employment. Heads of household would be required to identify all the members of their family, and each would receive a card and ID number.

The key part of this plan is that every registrant must make a declaration at the time of registration of his or her intent to either become an American citizen or to remain in this country as a temporary worker. Every individual must declare one of these two alternatives. The path each person or family takes after making this declaration varies dramatically depending on this choice.

Temporary Worker Status Election

If an illegal immigrant elects to be a registered temporary worker, then the registrant would be given a dated ID card and number for work within the U.S. The permit would be good for two years from the date of issue after which the worker MUST return home for a period of no less than six months before becoming eligible for readmission. Arrest for any serious legal violation is subject to immediate deportation and would require a minimum one year period before eligibility to re-apply. Additionally, through an employer reporting system, any worker without employment for 180 days or more would be immediately deported. A head of household can elect this status for a family already here, subject to the two year limit, provided that they can demonstrate a means of support for the entire family. Family units would NOT be permitted for new applications to enter the country under temporary worker permits.

Temporary workers would be required to pay all payroll taxes, with employer matching contributions, plus 10% to cover the cost of social services. A worker demonstrating health insurance coverage would have this reduced to 5%. These taxes would put temporary workers on an even tax footing as citizens and remove the incentive of employers to exploit illegal immigrants as can happen now. Under the ID program, both the employee and employer are protected.