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Five Things Republicans Must Do to Crush the Left in the Propaganda War

5. Acknowledge the darned war, stupid!

One would really need to be a ninny living under a rock buried in the Potomac River for 50 years not to be aware of the Left's propaganda machine. When Hillary Clinton famously used the phrase “vast right-wing conspiracy” in a 1998 interview to distract and confuse the public regarding her husband’s lying and Oval-Office debaucheries, it was pure projection.

A lie, yes, but the phrase so served its purpose that both Clintons were able to portray themselves as hapless victims rather than ruling-class criminals. Their rehabilitation has been so thorough and effective that Bill Clinton remains the publicly glorified godfather of the Democrat Party and Mrs. Clinton is the liberal-regaled secretary of state.

The phrase – though it’s been used by the Right to great mockery benefit – also allowed much of the Left’s politics of personal destruction a la Alinsky to come out into the open. Hollywood came through with a documentary depicting The Hunting of the President and the Clintons’ propaganda coup was utterly complete.

The so-called “vast right-wing conspiracy” is such a joke that Republican candidates often fare worse within their own party than they do in the judgment of the broader public.

The Alinskyite polarization of George W. Bush was one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in history. It was so complete that by the end of his two terms, prominent conservative writer Peggy Noonan declared in print and on TV that “George W. Bush has destroyed the Republican Party,” and many others agreed with her. No mention was made of the fact that for eight years, GW Bush had been openly referred to as the second coming of Adolf Hitler and that films about his assassination won awards from the same groups that had hailed The Hunting of the President only a few years prior.

When Sarah Palin lifted her pit-bull-in-lipstick foot to the Republican stage in 2008, it took all of five minutes for her to get the rhetorical bulls eye on her forehead. The same Peggy Noonan declared on an open mike that with Palin’s nomination, the election was “all over.”

That’s your “vast right-wing conspiracy” in circular firing squad action.

And now, in 2011, it’s already begun in earnest. Republican candidates are falling all over themselves to attack their intra-party competition, giving fodder to the Democrat Party Noise Machine that will be used nonstop in 2012 to bring Obama to a 2nd term.

If Republicans don’t acknowledge that this is a war for the future of America and learn to fight back, then this country is headed for the dustbin of history.