Five Things Republicans Must Do to Crush the Left in the Propaganda War

Well, well, well, elections actually do have consequences, don’t they? Millions of Americans are indeed suffering the real consequences of the Republican Party’s mealy-mouthed, yellow-streaked performance during campaign ’08.

Oh sure, both the Democrats and the willfully myopic media are most to blame for the Obama presidency, but it is high time that the Republican Party hotshots do a little introspecting of their own.

How is it that the American electorate knew so little about Barack Obama that they could stay stoned on hope-dope all the way to the voting booth? How is it that Jeremiah Wright’s racist, anti-Semitic tirades had not been heard by every man and woman in America before election day? What yellow-bellied nincompoops permitted the Democratic Party to turn the presidency of the United States of America into a garish, iconographic, messianic ego trip for a single individual with no qualifications but a teleprompter and a real-world resume fit for the back of a postage stamp?

Election ’08 was a clear case of Republican abdication. It was a propaganda war fought banana-republic style and John McCain was all but missing in action. Barack Obama didn’t have to win. All he had to do was show up for his coronation. Heck, the guy didn’t even have to put an American flag in his lapel or lift hand to heart during the national anthem. He just had to show his face, remind Republicans at every weak moment that he was black and the whole lot of hotshots sang his praises almost as much as his Democrat enablers.

Now, we’re clinging to the cliff’s edge with one chance to pull ourselves back from the brink of history’s dustbin. We can all see Greece from our bedroom windows and Republicans must get their act together and start winning the propaganda war. PDQ.

Here are five essentials that will turn the tide.

Illustration courtesy of Bosch Fawstin. See more of his art, comics, and writing at his blog here.